Why do I have to add my photo and what should my photo look like?

Why do I have to add my photo?

At our core, Respondent's goal is to connect high-quality participants with opportunities to share their feedback, insight, and expertise (and get paid to do so). 

In order to provide these opportunities to participants, it's important researchers are able to verify your identity. This is why we now require a profile photo to be added. 

Adding a clear photo:

  • Increases your chances of being invited to participate 
  • Increases your chances of being paid 

 What does a good photo look like?

A good profile photo should be:

  • A photo with no other individuals
  • Clear, not pixelated 
  • A clear photo of your face

How do I add my photo?

  1. Hover over the icon in the right and navigate to the Edit Profile section. 
  2. Navigate to page one: Contact Details.
  3. Upload your photo at the bottom of page one select Upload Picture.
  4. Select Next at the Bottom of the Page
  5. Save Profile on Page 3 of Set-Up

Note: If you are having issues uploading your photo (i.e. long loading time or not populating after save, please ensure that there are no spaces within the photo name). For example, "Image_1.jpg" is good while "Image 1.jpg" is not.