What happens when you miss a booking with a participant?

I goofed! How can I reschedule or cancel the booking? I missed an interview, can I reschedule?

Research participants schedule a time to meet with Researchers based upon the availability in the calendar they were invited to (set by the researcher). Researchers are sent email notifications when bookings are made, and it is the Researchers responsibility to check their email regularly after invitations have been sent to research participants. Respondents bookings can also be viewed at any time in the 'view bookings' pane of the project dashboard.

When Respondents confirm their participation by selecting a time to participate, it is expected that Researchers respect this time allotment.

If for some reason you as a researcher miss an interview with a candidate, you have two options available to you:

1. Reschedule 

In order to reschedule an interview with a respondent, message participants directly through the Messages tab. The ability to use the 'reschedule' feature in the Respondent platform after the scheduled time of participation has passed, is disabled to protect research participants.

Further, we recommend additional incentive be paid to participants who are rescheduled due to researcher error using the 'tip' feature when issuing payments.

2. Cancel participation

If a rescheduling of the interview can not be arranged, the research is responsible for paying the participant for their time. When you cancel the booking after the booking time, or within 24 hours before the booking time the participant will be marked as attended so you can issue their payment. 

Scheduling New Participants

If an additional interview is needed to reach a target number of interviews, Researchers can increase the max number of bookings their calendar can accept and send additional invitations. See more on setting up the calendar here

Please note: If you do not cancel any scheduled Respondents within 24 hours of the study, the researcher is liable to pay respondent incentives & recruitment fees in full.

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