What does the invitation to participate look like?

What does the invitation look like? What do participants receive? 

When research participants are invited to participate in a research project they receive both an email and an SMS.


The SMS is instant after clicking 'invite'.

The SMS reads:

"Congratulations! You have been selected to participate in the 'XXX' study that you recently applied to. Please check your email for further details." 


The information research participants receive as part of their invitation to participate includes:

  • The project name
  • The project description
  • The incentive amount
  • Any special instructions you as the researcher include as part of your invitation

There are two types of email participants receive, based on whether or not the study is a 'moderated' research interview, or an 'unmoderated' research interview.

  • Moderated studies include a link to your live calendar
  • Unmoderated studies include the link to participate in your research

Below is an example of an invitation to participate in a moderated research study:

Below is an example of an invitation to participate in an unmoderated research study:

When collecting responses in off-platform unmoderated studies, please be sure to collect 'First name as it appears on the Respondent platform' and 'Last name as it appears on Respondent platform' - this will ensure you can successfully identify who has participated in your study, and pay them for their efforts. 

Note: For unmoderated study, you will need to have the link to the project available when you send out the invitations. 

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