What can I do to get more invites / be chosen more often?

The way the Respondent platform works is this: 

  1. Respondents opt in to participate in research studies you think are a good fit for you
  2. Researchers review the responses and profiles of all Respondents that opt in to participate, and send invitations to those they think are the best fit
  3. Respondents who are invited to participate receive an email and SMS notification with how to proceed to participate

As you can see, it is the researchers responsibility to decide who they would like to invite to participate, not the platforms. 

However, there are some things you can do as a Respondent to increase your chances of being selected.  

1. Expand your profile

  • Make sure your contact, demographic and employment details are all filled out

2. Boost your social validation

  • LinkedIn is the preferred social account for Researchers reviewing your profile. Boost your profile by adding a detailed work history, extra connections and ensuring your profile photo is up to scratch
  • If you only have your Facebook connected, make sure you have a clear photo of your face as your profile image

3. Stick with it

  • To be considered for selection in a research study, you must have first taken the screener survey. So take screener surveys often. You've got to be in it to win it! 
  • High paying studies are more sought after than lower paying studies. Consider reducing your hourly incentive rate to opt in to the studies that fewer Respondents will be interested in

Finally, make sure there are no inconsistencies between the details on your Respondent profile, and those on your LinkedIn/Facebook profile. Any discrepancy in job title, location, industry or employer is a red flag for Researchers who are looking for people that have accurately represented themselves. Double check, then double check again. 

Above all, good luck and have fun!