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Viewing your Participant Responses

After launching a project, you get a complete record of everyone that has opted in to participate, whether they have qualified or not. You can view each individual's profile. 

Below is an example of what responses look like:

How to view a Participant's Profile:

  1. Click the project name
  2. Click the "Participants" tab
  3. Click on the person you want to view

What can I see in the profile? 

When you view a participant's profile, there are a few tabs that will provide you with different information on the research participant:

  • Answers to their screener questions
  • Their profile (name, age, location, etc).
  • Demographic details
  • Employment details
  • Skills
  • Social Media Links
  • Past participation on the Respondent platform
  • Messages between you and them

Exporting the Participant Data: 

You can export your participant data via the "Participants" tab. For more information, see our help doc on exporting


Can I see the participant's emails?
No, for privacy purposes, we don't provide email addresses. You can, however, contact them via the Messages tab. 

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