Viewing and Managing your Bookings

Viewing and Managing your Bookings How can I see my scheduled participants? Where and when are my interviews? How can I view my scheduled interviews or interview schedule? 

After participants book time on your calendar, their time will show up as a booking in your project.

How to view your bookings

  1. Click the project name to view the project overview dashboard
  2. Click the "Bookings" tab 
  3. Find the calendar you need in the dropdown above the bookings (if you only have one calendar, it will to "All")

The bookings appear in chronological order, and are in the timezone set up for the calendar

How to add your bookings to your Google Calendar

If you haven't integrated your Respondent Calendar with your Google Calendar (more on that here), you can still add individual bookings to your Google Calendar. Here are some steps to do that:

  1. On the Bookings tab, locating the booking you want to add to your calendar
  2. Click the green calendar option to the right of the booking
  3. Select the Google option
  4. Follow steps in your Google Calendar to complete adding the event. 

Managing Participants via the Bookings tab. 

Under the settings for each booking you have a few different options to manage your participants. Below is a summary of each option: 

  • Attended - Once a participant attends their session you can click this option to mark them as Attended and send them to the Payments tab
  • No Show - If a participant doesn't show up to a session, you can mark them No-Show through this option. You will not pay for participants that are marked as No-Show. 
  • Cancel - This option will cancel the booking and invitation completely. See more on canceling here
  • Cancel and Reinvite - This option will cancel the booking and move the participant's status back to "Invited". They will be able to reschedule a time. See more on canceling here
  • Enable Reschedule - See This option allows the participate to reschedule their booking but it doesn't cancel their current booking. See more on canceling here
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