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The screener survey doesn't have a 'none of the above' response

Screener surveys are scripted by the researcher conducting the research, not the platform. As such, the Respondent platform has minimal control over what appears in the screener survey. 

A common mistake researchers make when scripting screener surveys is forgetting to add an option for 'None of the above' to their multiple choice questions. Although the platform advises researchers to double check their screener surveys before publishing them, the questions that appear as part of screener surveys is beyond the platform's control.  

If you are a Respondent that has come across one of these instances, please answer the questions as best you can and proceed to complete the screener. Then, if you are invited to participate in the research study, please share this information with the researcher ahead of your interview. It is best they know up front, so they can make an informed decision about your participation ahead of time.