Targeting the General Population

I want to talk with anyone and everyone! Is this possible?

The General Population is anyone and everyone, rather that people who work in specific jobs or industries. The projects that target the general population are often called consumer studies

Unlike Industry Professionals, research participants who can apply for consumer studies are not required to have their LinkedIn account connected to their Respondent profile. 

Targeting the General Population for your Project

Here’s how you can you select to target the general population for your project: 

  1. Create a new project or edit an existing project
  2. Click on the Project Details tab
  3. Under “Who do you want to talk to?”, select General Population

Criteria for Targeting the General Population: 

Age, Gender, and  Ethnicity -- You may choose to filter your target audience across age, gender, and ethnicity, though none of these filters are required.

Incentive - The incentive does not need to be as high as the same type of study for Industry Professionals. However, if you are low on participation, increasing your incentive will increase the number or responses you receive. 

Here's a bit more on setting up the right incentive for your project. 


What are the differences between Industry Professionals and General Population? 

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