Targeting How is my project sent to specific people? My project is for a specific profession/industry -- how can I only have those people. 

Audience Targeting helps us look for people who have certain professions to participate in your project. Targeting is a guide for our platform to send your study to people who will likely be a good fit Targeting does not qualify or disqualify research participants. Anyone is able to view and apply for your project. 

If you would like for participants with only certain job titles or industry backgrounds to qualify, you can set up Screener Questions after the Audience section.

Targeting Options: Job Title and Industry

Industry and Job Title

Industry and Job Title is required for Industry Professional Project and optional for General Population Project. The research participants are prompted to list up to five industry and one job title when they are signing up for an account with us. 

You can select up to five industries and up to 20 job titles. If you don't have a specific industry, you can instead select add "All Industries" to your project.

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