Respondent Data Security and Privacy

Respondent is committed to protecting the data of our users, both Respondent's as well as researchers. Respondent’s treatment of data has two pillars, Data Privacy and Data Security:

Data Privacy

We believe that personal information must be kept private and not shared without explicit permission. We have a strong “opt in” NOT an “opt out” attitude to private data. We are not only GDPR compliant but are strong supporters of GDPR and similar future laws as it puts the person who shares their data at the heart of privacy concerns.  Respondent takes reasonable and appropriate measures to protect data from unauthorized access, loss, misuse, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. Respondent policies reflect major data privacy laws such as GDPR and give individual data subjects the power to delete their data when requested.  

Data Security

User data is the most important thing that we handle and we have structured our company and our products to treat it securely. Respondent has a detailed internal information security and privacy program which includes a comprehensive set of policies, guidelines, and processes for identifying and addressing the threats and risks to company information and systems and are SOC2 compliant. Our Security team tests and reviews our security procedures constantly. If you have any specific concerns regarding data privacy or security at respondent, please email the Security team at