Research Participant Status

What do the statuses mean? What is pending, invited, scheduled, attended, paid, no show and cancelled? What about qualified & not qualified?

Once your project collects responses, we give research participants status. If a participant goes through the who process without any bumps along the way, the status changes will go through these steps: 

  1. Participate opts into your project -- they are pending as either qualified or not qualified
  2. You invite them to participate - their status changes to "Invited
  3. They use the calendar you sent over (not for unmoderated studies) to schedule a time to meet with you - their status changes to "Scheduled"
  4. They participate and you change their status to "Attended
  5. You issue out the payment on the Payments page -- their status changes to "Paid

A description of each status is listed below:

Pending - When a participant has applied to participate in a project, but you haven't yet invited them to participate they are considered "Pending". 

Pending participants will show up as "Qualified" or "Not Qualified" in your participants list.

Invited - Once you invite a participants but they haven't scheduled a time with you (or participated in the case of unmoderated studied), they show up as invited.

Scheduled - Once a participant schedules time on your calendar, they appear as "Scheduled".

Attended - Once you mark a participant as "Attended" they are ready to be paid on the Payments page.

Paid - Once you issue out payments to attended participants, they are listed as "Paid".

Cancelled - If you cancel someone's participation completely, or a participant cancels their participation and indicates that they no longer want to participate, they will be listed as cancelled.

No Show - If a participant doesn't show up to their booking you have the option to mark them as "No Show". Participants who are marked as No Show have their account penalized, and you are not required to pay them. 

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