Remote Projects vs. In Person Projects

There are two main types of research: in-person projects or remote projects

Remote Research Types

Remote research is any project that is not done in person. This can include video chat, phone call, or online unmoderated studies.

Types of remote research that can be set up by the researcher.  

  • One-to-One - Also known as an interview.  Remote One-to-One research is conducted over the video chat, the phone, or other communication methods. 
  • Focus Group - Focus groups are multiple participants joining in the conversation at the same time. Remote focus groups are conducted over the video chat, phone, or other communication methods. 
  • Unmoderated Study - Any project that doesn't involve direct interaction (either in person or remote) is an unmoderated study. Common examples are surveys and UX testing online. 
  • Diary Study - A diary study is a study that takes place over a period of time with a participant recording their participation periodically. 
  • Other - If your desired type of research isn't listed, you can select the "Other" option. 

In-Person Research Types

In-Person Research is any project that involves the researcher and the participant meeting up. This can include in-person interviews, focus groups, and may involve the researcher or the participant traveling a distance to meet up.