Qualifying by Ethnicity

Qualifying by Ethnicity Can I qualify only certain ethnicities or races? 

You can qualify participants based on certain ethnic categories. Participants who do not meet the ethnicity qualifications you set up in your project settings will show up in your participants list as not qualified. They will still be able to complete your screener questions. 

How to set up qualifying by ethnicity: 

  1. Create a project 
  2. Complete the Project Set-up
  3. Click "Save & Next" to go to the Audience tab
  4. Under the Qualifying section, open the "Ethnicity" section.

Click here to view general Qualifying information

Ethnicity Options  

The default selection is All of the above, which will not qualify based on ethnicity. The ethnicities you select will qualify participants who meet those as reported on their profile (disqualifications from the screener questions will override this qualification).

  • American Indian / Alaskan Native
  • Asian or Pacific Islander
  • Black or African American
  • Hispanic or Latino
  • Mixed Ethnicity
  • All of the above -- This is the default setting and will search across all ethnicities. 


Can I qualify more than one ethnicity?
Yes, you can select more than one option to qualify participants. 

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