Project Status

Project Status What do Draft, Recruiting, Paused, Recruited, and Closed mean? 

Each project will have a status associated with it that will let you know what stage it's in. The status designate mainly whether or not a project is recruiting new participants.

 You can see the statuses your main project page:

Below is a summary of what each status means:
Draft - The grey draft status indicates that your project has not yet been launched, and is not collecting new responses yet. All aspects of the project will be editable still. 

Recruiting - The green recruiting status means that the project is collecting responses. The project will recruit from the time you publish until you've reached 2 times your target number of qualified participants (or you manually pause the project). 

Paused - When a project is paused, it is no longer recruiting participants. 

  • Manually Pausing a Project - Projects can be paused manually by clicking the pause button to the far right of the project name. 
  • Automatic Pausing - Projects will also pause automatically when you've reached 2 times your target number of qualified participants. If a project is paused automatically it can't be unpaused. 

Not sure why your project is pause? See our FAQ here

Recruited - Once a project has been published for over a month (either recruiting or paused), the status will automatically switch to the blue Recruited status. Projects in Recruited status are not collecting new participants.
Closed - Once you've finished your project and paid out your participants you can close the project on the payments page, by clicking "Finish Project".

 In order to close your project you have to have all scheduled participants marked as either No Show or Attended, and all Attended participants have to be paid. 

Once a project is closed, you can't contact participants, or change any participants status. 

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