Project Pricing

Project Pricing How much does it cost? What's the price? 

Respondent believes in honest pricing: You only pay for interviews you actually conduct. 

It is free to publish your Project and begin inviting research participants, with service fees and participant incentives to be paid upon each research participant's participation in your research. If the project is canceled, or if the platform fails to fill the project with qualified candidates and you do not end up interviewing any participants, you will not be charged.

Our service fee is 50% of the incentive that you set up for your project -- So for example, let's say you set up an incentive of $100 for a project and intend to interview 10 people. The price per research participant is $150: $100 for their incentive, and then $50 for our service fee.  The total cost for all 10 people would be $1500. 

But since it's pay as you go, you only pay for the research participants who complete your project. So in this same example, let's say you interview 5 people and decide to stop there -- Your cost would then total to $750.

Discover your estimated project costs with our handy Pricing Calculator



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