Participant Status: Attended or No Show

Have my participants been paid? 

After a participant is scheduled, a participant can be marked as either Attended or No Show. If you mark them as No Show, they won't be paid for the project.

In the example below, Pierrick is listed as Attended

Their updated status will also show up in the booking tab:

Paying Participants

Once a participant is marked as Attended, they are ready to be paid, but the payment is not automatically issued. You must still confirm the payment on the "Payments" tab.

What does No Show mean for the participants?

Respondent strives to only have quality participants on our platform, and that includes participants who show up on time for their booking time. Once a participant is marked as No Show, they are not paid for their participation. Their account is also penalized, so that they are less likely to be chosen for projects in the future.

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