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Multiple Choice Question Type

Multiple Choice, Single Selection. How do I let participants choose only one answer in a question?

The Multiple Choice question type allows the research participant to select one answer from a defined list of answer options.  

How to Add a Multiple Choice Question to your Qualifying Questions: 

To add a checkboxes question to your questions: 

  1. When editing the Qualifying Questions, click the Add Question icon to add question plus box
  2. Select the Checkboxes Question Type
  3. Click Submit
  4. Enter the question answer choices in the fields provided

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Qualifying Option: 

Qualify -- The researcher will be qualified if they select this answer option. Other questions may still disqualify them. 

Disqualify -- The researcher will be disqualified if they select this answer option. 

Question Options:  

  • Add batch answers 
  • Include “other” option
  • Required question
  • Skip logic
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