Managing your Team

Managing your Team How to manage your team? How do I add colleagues to my organization?

After creating an organization, you can easily add other members to your organization. You can view who is in your Organization through these steps: 

  1. Click "Organization Settings" in the left navigation
  2. Click "Manage Users"

From here, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll find an invite field where you can add members that are not already on Respondent to your Org. You will need to do this first, before inviting them to their respective Team within the Org.

Once they've accepted the invite, they will appear in the Unassigned Users section on the same page, where you can click to assign them to whichever Team you would like them to be housed in. They will not be able to access your projects until you do this!

If all Org members have been successfully added to a team, you will see a message indicating that there are no actions needed in this field.

Types of Team Members


Organization Owners have access to all aspects of the account and can edit any information related to the account settings.

They have access to Team Settings, Billing, and Account, and RMS Settings. 


Members can view and edit all projects, but they have limited access to the Account Settings. 

They have access to the Transactions, but no other billing info or Team Settings.

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Admins have all of the same permissions as an Owner, however they cannot delete an Org or update payment information!