Inviting my own participants or past participants

I want to invite some of my past participants or people that haven't been recruited by Respondent before

It's easy to invite past participants or your own contacts to the Respondent platform.

Here are the steps: 

  1. Create and publish a project
  2. Copy the unique study link under "Share"
  3. Send your unique study link to your own users
  4. When it comes time to pay Respondents, you pay $0 recruitment fee on the users that signed up to Respondent via your link. Existing marketplace members will still have a recruiting fee assessed if re-recruited.

Highlighted in red is where your unique study link can be found: 

Users that have joined our marketplace via your link are listed differently from Respondents recruited by the platform. A "self recruited" tag that is found next to their profile in the 'view responses' pane of your project dashboard: 

Respondents who have this tag, attract a $0 recruitment fee when it comes time to pay their incentive. 

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