I need help understanding the referral process

Thanks for reaching out to us -- In order for referrals to show up under your "My Referrals" section they must meet our referral policy. 

Essentially this is what must be met: 
  1. The participant is new and does not already have an account. 
  2. For a sign-up, the participant has to have made a minimum of $75 and for project referrals a minimum of $100. 
  3. They used your unique referral link to sign up for that study. 
  4. If you sent them a specific study referral, they were invited for that specific study to participate. 
  5. They completed the screener questions in one sitting. 
  6. They completed the project and were paid. 

There are 4 status types: 
  1. Signed Up - This means that the respondent has used your link to sign up but has not been invited to participate in the study you referred them to. (You are not paid for this) 
  2. Pending - This status shows when the respondent you referred has participated and the referral payment is awaiting approval.
  3. Processing - The payment has been approved and is being processed. 
  4. Referral Paid - This status means that your payment has been paid to you via PayPal. 

All payments are automatically generated to your PayPal account once the researcher has paid the referred respondent and you will receive an email notification from PayPal.