What is the Status of My Incentive Payment?

Completed your research project?

To check your payment status, click 'my surveys' and then find your relevant project. 

The following are the possible payment statuses once your payment has been issued by the researcher. 

Payment Sent: The researcher has issued your incentive and it is on its way. 

Paid: The incentive was sent successfully to the PayPal account on file and there should now be a Transaction ID that can be used to follow up with PayPal support. 

Error: The platform will display a red error and specifically explain why the transaction failed. 

In these cases, you'll need to follow up with PayPal support directly to ensure your account is able to receive payments. Once confirmed, you can reach back out to us to have your payment reissued. 

PayPal - Wrong Email

In order to collect your payment, please connect an additional email address - your log-in, or a different one - to your PayPal account. Details of how this is done, are found here. Be sure to update your PayPal profile so future incentive payments are made to the correct email address.

Payment Status

Payment Sent - The researcher has marked your attendance, and your payment is on the way. If your attendance status doesn't change to a payment sent or paid several days after completing your survey, kindly reach out to the Researcher and remind them to resend your payment.

Paid - A successful payment was sent to your PayPal account. Look for a transaction ID and contact PayPal Support with this unique ID if you have any questions regarding the transfer of payment.

Error - If you're received a RED ERROR message, an explanation will provide details as to why. We recommend reaching out to PayPal Support.


Respondent is unable to mark attendance or issue incentives on behalf of Researchers. 


Please note: Researchers may take several days to mark Respondents as PAID after your participation. If you have been marked ATTENDED and have not been marked as PAID, please reach out to the researcher to remind them to process your incentive payment.

Respondent is unable to mark attendance or issue incentives on behalf of researchers. 

If you have been marked as PAID for more than 10 business days (please keep in mind that this does not include weekends and holidays) and have not yet received your payment or received a response from the researcher, please contact support@respondent.io

If your payment is scheduled for a date that falls on a holiday, or over the weekend, please keep in mind that you will be paid within 1-2 business days after that date.