I have taken a survey, why wasn't I paid?

Firstly, it is worth clarifying the distinction between a paid study, and a screener survey. 

A screener survey 

A screener survey is typically only a few questions long and allows a researcher to assess whether you are a good candidate to participate in the study proper. Respondents are not paid to take qualifying screeners, as no value is derived from them beyond qualifying or disqualifying interested candidates. 

I participated in a paid interview/study/survey

After you have attended a research session, it is the responsibility of the researcher who conducted the research to mark you as 'attended' and process your payment via the Respondent platform. 

You can check on the status of your payment by navigating to your account > My surveys. This is what the various statuses mean: 

  • Invited: You have been invited, but not yet confirmed a time to connect
  • Scheduled: You are scheduled to attend
  • Attended: You participation has been confirmed
  • Paid: Your payment has been processed, and payment is on it's way you will see an expected date of receipt.
  • Sent: Your payment was received by PayPal. 

Please note, it is the researcher's responsibility, not the platforms, to confirm your attendance and process your payment. 

When marked as 'attended' by the Researcher, Respondents will receive a notification via email that their attendance has been confirmed. Please note, this does not mean your payment is on its way. 

Some researchers like to process all their outstanding incentives in a single transaction at the end of the study, others like to pay Respondents as soon as they have attended their session. This is at the discretion of the researcher (and their billing department). 


I have not yet been marked as 'attended', but I did attend

It is the suggestion of the platform that Respondents send the researcher who conducted your study a note, asking them to mark you as 'attended' and process your payment for Moderated studies. 

Researcher contact details can be found in your research confirmation email. 

A suggested email reads: 


I really enjoyed participating in the study {PROJECT NAME} on {RESEARCH DATE & TIME}. I hope the feedback I provided was useful to you and your team! 

The reason I am getting in touch is because I have logged in to my Respondent dashboard and noticed that you have not yet recorded processed my incentive payment. The team at Respondent informs me that it is the researchers responsibility to confirm Respondents attendance, and process their payment. 

If you could please confirm my attendance and process my payment via the project dashboard as soon as possible, that would be greatly appreciated. 




For Unmoderated Studies: If it has been longer than 10 business days since you participated and have not been marked attended please email support.