How to Set up a Marketplace Project

How to Set up a Marketplace Project How do I set up a project? How do I set up my recruitment brief, study, or research project? Rachel Ganon

Projects (also known as Research Projects, Studies, Recruitment Briefs) are the bread and butter of the Respondent platform. Creating a project allows you to start collecting research participants who can take part in your research. 

Already have a list of contacts you want to participate? You may be interested in the RMS for creating projects with your own contacts. More info on the RMS here

To create a new project: 

  1. Log into Respondent
  2. Select the Organization you want to create the project in. If you are logged into the Organization already, you can click Projects in the left navigation. 
  3. Click the New Project button in the top left

Four components of a Project:

Project Details 

These are all the initial details about your project, including the name, the methodology, and the incentive. This information (with the exception of the internal name) is visible to the research participants prior to them applying to participate in your project. 


The audience section allows you to say whom you want to participate in your project. It includes your target number of participants, filtering by location and gender, and qualifying by age, ethnicity, and education level. 

Filtering - Gender and Location are filtering criteria. If a research participant doesn't meet the criteria set up here they will not be able to opt into your project.

Targeting - Job Title and Industry are Targeting criteria. They help our team know to whom to send your project. We use this information to target potential participants, but anyone is still able to opt into your project. Targeting criteria do not qualify or disqualify participants. If you need to disqualify certain job titles, industries or preferences, we recommend you set up a screener question for this instead.

Qualifying - Education, Age, and Ethnicity are qualifying criteria, and they will let you qualify or disqualify participants. Participants who do not meet these will still be able to opt into your project but they will be disqualified.

Screener Survey/Qualifying Questions
Known as a Screener Survey, Qualifying Questions, or Qualifying Survey, this component is a set of questions that you can use to qualify or disqualify your participants. Everyone will have to fill out their qualifying questions in order to apply to participate in your project. 

The maximum number of participants allowed per project is 50. If want to target more than 50 participants, you can DUPLICATE your project to find a larger qualified participant base.


The summary page is where you can see the breakdown of the estimated cost of your project. Most importantly, it’s where you can launch your project and start collecting responses!


My project is still a “Draft”, how do I launch it?
You can launch it by editing your project and going to the summary page.

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