How To Pay Incentive Payments

How To Pay Incentive Payments How can I pay my participants? How can I pay my respondents? I want to pay the incentive payment.

Respondent incentives are paid to participants for taking part in a research study. payments are made via PayPal in USD.

How to pay participants:

Once the participant complete their participation, you can pay them through the Project Dashboard. Here are some steps fo 

1. Mark participants as 'attended' in the Participants tab or the Bookings tab of your project home

2. Click the Payments tab in your project dashboard

3. Decide if you wish to pay participants a tip. 

4. Confirm whether you'd like to use your credit balance or credit card (you can only use one at a time) and check out!

5. After payments have been confirmed, they will appear in the 'Paid Fees & Incentives' portion of your project payment flow.

Tip payments

If you want to provide a participant with a bit extra money, this is possible through the tip payments. 

Here are some examples of when you might give a tip payment: 

  • The participant was extra helpful to your project
  • The participant stayed a bit longer than was expected or originally communicated
  • You had to reschedule on the participant multiple times
  • You started the interview later than expected

Tips are not necessary, but they are a great way for you to show your participants that you appreciate them going to extra mile or being accommodating.

Fees on the payment of incentives

Participants are paid the cash incentive amount advertised by the researcher, less a 5% or $1 fulfillment fee. 

Example: If the cash incentive is $150 the participant will receive $142.50 via PayPal. 

The deduction of the fulfillment fee is communicated to all participants ahead of beginning the screener survey as seen below. 


Can I pay participants off the platform?

Can I pay participants in another currency?

No, at this time, we only offer payments and charges in USD. 

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