How Respondent recruits research participants

How Respondent recruits research participants Overview of how we recruit people to participate in your projects.

Every new project on the Respondent platform undergoes the same, automated recruitment processes. Respondent recruits research participants in three main ways:

1. We publish the project via a network on online publishers.

We partner with publishing networks that have established audiences to reach niche populations of potential participants. Publishers include targeted ad networks and LinkedIn. This means your project is seen by large volumes of people in targeted places across the web.

2. We push the study to our marketplace of research participants. 

Our systems match the criteria of your study with people who have already signed up to our platform. If they are likely a match, we'll promote your project to them.  

To avoid propagating professional research participants on the platform, we share information about what studies people have participated in previously to all researchers.

3. We encourage sharing of research opportunities among networks of professionals. 

This allows us to recruit participants in niche markets. For example, the people who know the most financial advisers are other financial advisers. The people who know the most teachers are teachers themselves.

Via a combination of these approaches, Respondent can reach almost any audience that you wish to target. 


Does Respondent Recruit internationally?
Yes, we do! We recruit participants in countries across the globe (with the exception of countries with sanctions by the US)/

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