How Do I Check in for My Virtual Appointment?

You may be asked by a Researcher to book time on their calendar, and sent a link to participate in the project virtually, via your computer.

You will receive instructions from your Researcher via email regarding the Date/Time for your participation and you can find additional information in the project details by clicking on the name of the project you're participating in.

Checking in on time for your virtual meeting is very important. Some researchers that have many interviews per day may set a limited amount of time or grace period to check-in for the interview.

Checking in late may cause you to be marked as a CANCELLATION or NO SHOW, and therefore you will not receive the designated incentive for the project.

Anytime you have questions about the project details, or if you're running late or need to reschedule, you can message the researcher through the website using the message thread in the project.

Details regarding the project can also be found by clicking on the name of the project in your dashboard. A blue pop-up box will appear with all of the details. Some Researchers include detailed instructions with hyperlinks to connect to the interview, so be sure to read all of the project details so you're prepared for your virtual meeting and understand what is expected of you!