How and when are participants paid their incentives?

How and when are participants paid their incentives?

Once you've completed your interview with a participant, it's time to mark them as attended and issue their incentive! We recommend confirming attendance and issuing incentives within 3-5 business days of a participant's scheduled booking.

The steps for issuing incentives are:

  1. Mark participant as Attended within the Participants Tab of the project.
  2. Go to the Payments Tab of the project.
  3. Confirm Payment.

Once you've confirmed payment:

  • Participants will will be provided an estimated payment date.
  • Participants can track the status of the payment in the My Surveys view of their account. 

Incentive payments typically take about 8-10 business days to process.

There is a 5% or $1 fulfillment fee applied to all incentives (incurred by the participant) and all incentives issued via PayPal directly to participants. 

Once payment has been delivered:

  • Participants will be provided a status payment of Success in the My Surveys view next to the project.
  • A PayPal Transaction ID will be provided to participants to use follow up with PayPal if they are having trouble claiming payment. 

If your participant still has questions about their payment, you can direct them to and we will investigate with them further! 


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