Google and Outlook Calendar Integration

Google and Outlook Calendar Integration How do I sync my google calendar with my Respondent project calendar? 

The Calendar Integration feature allows you to sync your Respondent project calendars with your Google or Outlook Calendar automatically. This helps prevent bookings that conflict with your other calendar events.

Syncing your Calendar to Respondent

To add your calendar to your account:

  1. Click on your Account icon in the top right corner
  2. Click "Settings" 
  3. Click "Connections" 
  4. Click "G Connect" or "Outlook" 
  5. Select your Account
  6. Allow access for Respondent
  7. Select your calendar in the "Calendar checked for conflicts" dropdown menu
  8. Select your calendar in the "Add new bookings to calendar" dropdown menu
  9. Click "Save Calendar Settings" 

To sync your project calendar with your Calendar:

  1. Edit the calendar for your project that you want to sync
  2. Under "Syncing" check the "Enabled" option
  3. Save your calendar

Integration Settings

Calendar checked for conflicts

The "Calendar checked for conflicts" is the calendar that will sync with your availability. For example, if you have a company meeting from 10-11am every Monday marked on this calendar, research participants will not to select a booking that conflicts with this time. 

This calendar is listed as the "Conflict" account when editing your Respondent calendar. 

Add New Bookings to Calendar

The calendar associated with the "Add New Bookings to Calendar" automatically creates calendar events when a participant schedules a booking. In most cases this will be the same as the calendar checked for conflicts, but this isn't required. 

This calendar is listed as the "Push" account when editing your Respondent calendar. 

Busy vs. Free

Google Calendar allows the option to set yourself as either "Busy" or "Free" for all events. Here's what that looks like when setting up a Google Calendar event:

If you are set to "Busy" for an event it will block that time from being available on the calendar. 

If you are set to "Free" the time will still be available on the Respondent calendar, even though you have an event during that time.


I don't use Google -- Will this work with Outlook?
Yes! Our newest calendar release includes Outlook integration for your Respondent calendar. Connect as normal within Account - Settings - Connections. Please make sure that your Outlook calendar is set to "public" and it will ensure your connection can be made. 

I changed the Google invitation time -- will that change it for the user?
No -- The event that the user gets is different than the one on your calendar, so it has to be changed by the participant in the respondent platform.