Filtering by Location

Filtering by Location How do I set a location for my study? What's the distance that you recruit people for a project?

 For both in-person and remote studies you are required to include a location for your target audience or the location of your project. 

How to set up your location: 

  1. Create a project 
  2. Complete the Project Set-up
  3. Click "Save & Next" to go to the Audience tab
  4. Under the Filtering section, open the "Location" section.

Click here to view general Filtering information. 

Remote Project Location Options  

Country - The first thing you will need to specify will be the country you will be recruiting from. You can only select one country per project. 

Cities - You can select as many cities as you'd like in the city section, but city is not required. The city section will also include states, regional options. We will recruit people within a 250km radius of the cities. 

Currently, you are not able to select multiple countries for recruiting (other than All), but you can select multiple cities. If you set your country to "All", you'll be able to select cities across multiple countries for recruiting. 

In-Person Project Location Options 

One-to-One, Focus Group, and Other Project Types

For One-to-One, Focus Group, and Other Project you are required to add the address where the study will take place. We will recruit participants within a 100km radius of this location. Participants are shown the address once they are invited to participate in a project. 

In-Respondent Home and In-Respondent Office

For In-Respondent Home and In-Respondent Office, you can add a country and a city  or cities (optional). Respondent will recruit participants within a 100km radius of this location.


Can I recruit people in multiple countries?
Yes and No -- You aren't able to add multiple countries to the country section, however, you can always launch multiple projects and siphon the Respondents into the same study, because we charge by participant and not by project!

What if I don't know where my in person project will take place?
We recommend including the most likely location initially. Then if you need to change it, you can send the new location to your participants via messaging. 

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