Filtering by Gender

Filtering by Gender Can I filter by gender?

For all project, you can filter your recruit by gender, but you aren't required to do so. By default, we will not exclude any gender from our recruit. If you set up a project to only recruit certain genders, anyone who doesn't match that gender (as they reported in their profile) will be excluded from applying for your project.

How to set up your filter by gender: 

  1. Create a project 
  2. Complete The Project Set Up
  3. Click "Save and Next" to go to the Audience tab
  4. Under the Filtering section, open the "Gender" section.

Click here to view general Filtering information. 

Gender Options for Remote Studies 

Research participants are asked to report their gender on their profile across a few different options:

  1. Male 
  2. Female
  3. Other -- If a research participant selects other on their profile, they will be asked to specify in a open ended text box. Selecting other will collect participants who select this option, but it will not search specific self-reported gender options.
  4. N/A -- This is the default setting and will recruit all genders


What gender options do participants have?
They have three options: Male, Female, and Other with the option to write in their preferred gender. 

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