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Ask the Best Screener Questions πŸ“‹
Ask the Best Screener Questions πŸ“‹

Qualify the right participants and gain real-time feedback to improve your products, services or business.

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Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to research an important factor to remember when you're organizing your research study: no two screener surveys are the same. Screener surveys do share some commonalities. Let's check them out!

Fact: Long screener survey questions take more time for participants to process.

Clarity: πŸ’‘ Ask short clearly defined jargon-free questions.

  • How soon are you planning to (specific behavior)?

  • Do you prefer to work from home, an office, or a hybrid of both?

  • What is your level of expertise?

Relevance: βœ… Ask the most relevant questions related to your research study.

  • Do you feel our company's value proposition aligns with your needs?

  • Which of the following (specific products) are you familiar with?

  • How often do you shop online?

Value. πŸ›οΈ Ask useful and significant questions.

  • How important and beneficial are the SMS messages you receive?

  • In general, how would you rate the quality of our breakfast menu?

  • How satisfied were you with the assistance you received?

Timeliness. ⏱️

  • How effectively do you feel our SMS messages inspired you to learn more and take action?

  • How closely does your CRM software follow your project timelines?

  • What portion of the [specific behavior] are you personally responsible for?

Differentiation. ☯️

  • How do you feel our SMS messages differ from other SMS messages you typically engage with on a daily basis?

  • Thinking back over the past year, how much more have you saved now that you're using a financial app versus a traditional savings account?

As you create your screener surveys consider building a library of questions for easy access when you want to find participants for research the next time.

Respondent saves your screener questions in your researcher dashboard for easy retrieval when creating your new screener surveys. Simply click on ADD QUESTION > PREVIOUSLY USED.

best screener survey questions

Here are 3 resources to help you create highly effective screener surveys:

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