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Understanding PayPal Incentive Payments
Understanding PayPal Incentive Payments
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ADDING an email address to a PayPal account.
When you add your email address to your PayPal account, a confirmation is sent to you from PayPal, not Respondent. If you don't receive a confirmation email, check your spam folder, and check that you entered the correct email address.

EDITING the PayPal email address in your Respondent profile.

  • If you need to update your PayPal email address in your Respondnet profile, log in > My Account > Edit Profile > Contact Details. Don't forget to click 'SAVE.'
    ​Any research projects completed prior to updating your PayPal email address will be sent and processed to your previous PayPal email address.

Contact our Customer Success Team for assistance.

There is a 'Limitation' message regarding my incentive payment.

Go to the PayPal Resolution Center and follow the instructions. Respondent does not have administrative access to your PayPal account. We can process/resubmit payments or confirm an incentive has been paid by sending you a Transaction ID number.

There is a 'Hold' message in the payment section of the Project I completed.

PayPal holds funds for a variety of reasons. Check your account for specific reasons as to why the funds are being held. The PayPal website will show you how you can release the incentive payment.

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