How do I filter people by the demographic I'm looking for?

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Audience Filtering lets you filter participants based on gender, location, and participation history from being able to complete your project. When you set up a filter, people who do not meet the criteria will not be sent forward as a qualified response in your project.

The Filtering options also influence who we automatically send your study to in our marketplace.

Filtering Options: Location, Gender, and Past Participation


For both in-person and remote studies you are required to include a location for your target audience or the location of your project.

For remote studies, we recruit in a 250 km radius from each city listed. For in person, it's a 100 km radius from the address of the study!

People who are not located near or in your desired location will not be able to participate. They will see this error message: Unfortunately, this study is not available for people in your geographic region. Thanks for your interest!


All project types can be filtered by gender, but this gender filtering is not required. Anyone whose profile doesn’t meet the gender filter, will not be able to apply to participate in your project. They will see this error message: Unfortunately, you do not meet the criteria for this study. Thanks for your interest!

Past Participation

In all project types, you can exclude participants who have previously participated in your organization's projects from applying to participate. This can also be configured to only consider participation over a given number of trailing months. Anyone whose profile doesn’t meet the past participation filter will see this error message: This project is not available based on your participation history. You can still earn by referring others using your referral link on the right!

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