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How to Pay an Incentive to Your Research Participants
How to Pay an Incentive to Your Research Participants

Respondent incentive payments are paid to research Participants for successfully completing a research study.

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How to pay your research Participants:

Once the Participant successfully completes the research project, you can pay the posted incentive through your Project Dashboard.

  • Mark participants as 'ATTENDED' in the Participants tab or the Bookings tab in your project dashboard.

  • Click the Payments tab in your project dashboard

  • You can also tip your Participants if you feel they went above and beyond or if you asked them to do some extra tasks.

  • Confirm whether you'd like to use your credit balance or credit card (you can only use one at a time) and then check out!

Incentive Payment Fees

Participants are paid the incentive amount advertised by the Researcher, less a 5% or $1 fulfillment fee.


If the cash incentive is $150 the Participant will receive a $142.50 incentive payment via PayPal.

The fulfillment fee is fully communicated to all Participants at the beginning of the screener survey and in their project dashboard.

Incentive payments on the Respondent platform are only paid via PayPal in USD.

If you post the incentive payment in your native currency, for example, £: British Pound Sterling on the project details:

Convert the incentive payment from your native currency to USD prior to submitting the payments to your participants.

This ensures the posted incentive matches the incentive in the project details AND pays the participant in USD.

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