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My Project has Multiple Stages - What do I do?
My Project has Multiple Stages - What do I do?
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If your project has multiple stages (i.e. You need people that participated in stage 1 to participate in stage 2), you can set this up in a couple of ways:

  1. In multiple projects

  2. In one project

Option 1: Multiple Projects

If your project will have a payment associated with each stage, then you will want to set this up as multiple projects -- For example, let's say you have an initial survey with an incentive of $10 and then a possible subsequent interview with an incentive of $100. You should set up a project first for the survey and then for the interview.

You can re-invite participants from the initial projects through the Past Participants tab.

In either option, it's important that you be clear and upfront with participants about what those stages will be.

Option 2: One Project

If your project has multiple stages with one final payment for full participation, then you will want to set this up as a single project. The length of participation should include the total amount of time for the project for all stages.

The Project Pitch

In this type of project, the Project Pitch must make it clear to the participants that the project includes multiple stages and they must participate in all stages in order to be paid. Below is a great example of a multi-stage study that has been advertised clearly to Respondents, before they opt-in:

We are looking for business professionals in the Chicago area to participate in a study on workplace insurance.

โ€‹Stage1: 30 min Orientation call & 4-5 online surveys (10-15 min each) -$200.

Respondents will be invited to Stage 2.

โ€‹Stage 2: 90 min In-office Interview - additional $270.


You can use the screener questions to remind them of the multiple stages. Although it may seem like doubling up, use the screener questions to collect a second opt-in. Below is a good example:

Do you understand that this is a multi-stage research project? Y/N

Do you understand that you will be paid $120 for the first round of research, paid $200 for the second round of research? Y/N

Special Instructions

Do not use the 'Special Instructions' to detail the stages as they are only visible to participants after they schedule their attendance.

Payments & scheduling

For Option 1: Multiple Projects

Since the project will be broken down into multiple projects, payment should be issued to participants once they complete the stage.

For Option 1: One Project

Payment should be issued only once all stages are complete for the participants. Since it's only one project, payments will only be issued once.

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