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The Perfect Number of Screener Questions
The Perfect Number of Screener Questions

What is the right number of screener questions to ask? What questions should I ask?

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The perfect number of screener questions is enough to find your ideal candidate, but not too many questions that they'll stop halfway and not complete your screener.

It's important that you're able to find eligible participants efficiently. Keeping your screener as concise as possible will help keep participants engaged. We recommend that you ask between 5 and 10 screener questions.

Pro Tip: The lengthier the screener, the higher the incentive might be needed to keep participants engaged.

A screener is a tool you should use to determine who you want to include in your project. It should not be treated like an unmoderated survey.

Keep in mind that Respondent will provide you with a participant's general profile and current employment information. If you need more details you can always message a participant to clarify an answer before inviting them.

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