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Cancellation Policy
Cancellation Policy

What happens when a Researcher cancels on short notice? What happens when a Participant cancels on short notice?

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Cancellation by the Participant

Participants are able to cancel their booking time up to the booking time. If they cancel within 4 hours, their account is penalized, but they are still able to cancel.

When a research participant cancels their attendance, the Researcher will be notified of the cancellation via an automated email. After cancellation, the Researcher can invite a replacement research participant at their discretion.
The Researcher will not be charged for any participant that cancels or does not show up for a scheduled project.

Cancellation by the Researcher

Researchers can cancel up to 4 hours prior to the scheduled booking time.
If the researcher attempts to cancel within the 4 hour time window of the scheduled time slot, then the researcher is liable to pay respondent incentives & service fees in full.

Please note: A canceled invitation to meet with a Researcher is not the same as the cancellation of a scheduled meeting on the Researcher's calendar. Cancelled invitations are not eligible for an incentive payment.

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