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Project Name and Project Pitch
Project Name and Project Pitch

What's the Project Name and Project Pitch? What is visible to the participant?

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The Project Name and Project Pitch (also listed as the Respondent Pitch) are the first thing the potential research participants see. It’s your time to make a great first impression!

You can set up the project names and pitch in the Project Details when creating a project.

See our tips for the perfect project name and project pitch here.

Public Project Name

A great Project Name tells the audience in a few words (we recommend 5 words or less) who you are looking for, and it’s visible to all the potential research participants. It shows up in our platform for both logged-in and logged-out research participants.

Internal Project Name

The Internal Project Name is visible in your project list underneath the Public Project Name. Your team members can see this, but it is not visible to research participants or anyone outside of the Respondent platform.

Project Pitch

The Project Pitch allows you to give a general overview of the project -- It lets you say who you are looking for and why you are looking for them. It should be descriptive, catchy, and succinct.


Whoops, there’s a typo! Can I edit the name or pitch?
Yes, you can edit this by editing your project.

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