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Cancel an Invitation
Cancel an Invitation

I accidentally invited the wrong participant... How can I un-invite a participant?

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There may be circumstances in which you want to retract an Invite. In these cases, you can disable their ability to book an interview.

Moderated Sessions

For projects that require a calendar, selecting Cancel Invite will prevent participants from being able to schedule a session with you.

  1. Click the project name to view the project overview dashboard

  2. Filter by Invited

  3. Locate the person you want to un-invite

  4. Click the options button (3 dots) to the right of their name

  5. Click Cancel Invite

If they've already been scheduled, you can cancel their booking on the Bookings tab.

Unmoderated Sessions

For projects that are running on another platform, canceling the invite does not stop access to the third-party platform link you've sent them. We recommend that you close the project on the third-party platform entirely, or retract the unique link that has been sent to them from being activated.

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