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How can I pay?

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We offer 2 main payment options at Respondent -- Paying As You Go (PAYG) via credit card*, or purchasing credit in advance via credit card or ACH.

Email receipts for purchased credits are sent to the Owner of the organization.
*Currently, we do not accept pre-paid credit cards or debit cards.

Pay as you go with a credit card

When you wish to add a credit card to your Org's profile, you can start your project without paying anything! Once you complete your project, you can pay our participants via that credit card and will only pay for the interviews you've fully completed.

Purchasing credits

You can purchase credit in advance of your projects and then can use this credit to pay your participants and pay our service fee.

When you purchase credits, they will be split between incentive credit and service fee (recruitment) credit. The incentive credit can be used to pay the incentives, and service fee credit can be used to pay our service fees. These fees differ depending on the type of recruitment credit you need, B2C or B2B. You can learn more about our pricing, fees, and structure, here.

Buying credits via credit card

Credit can be purchased by credit card via the Billing tab:

  1. Under Billing, click "Credits"

  2. Under Buy Credits, select the amount of credit you want to purchase

  3. Click "Pay"

When purchasing credit, we will automatically set up the standard ratio of incentive credit to recruitment credit, however, these fields can be edited to have customized amounts.

There is a 3% Transaction Fee applied to all payments with Credit Card.

Buying credits via ACH (invoice payments)

Credit can also be purchased via ACH through an online invoice. When purchasing credit via an invoice, we will need either a signed SOW or a completed PO in order to proceed.

Here are the steps to get the invoice payments:

  1. Email our Invoices Team at with the amount of credits you want to purchase (both in incentive credit and service fee/recruitment credit).

  2. The sales team will send you an invoice

  3. Pay the invoice online

  4. Once we receive the payment, our team will apply those credits to your account

Note: The ACH payments require a few days to process so they are not immediately added to your account.

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