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How to Set Up your Research Project Details βœοΈπŸ“‹
How to Set Up your Research Project Details βœοΈπŸ“‹

Your research project should include all the important details your Participants need to know.

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Project Name and Pitch

Your Project Name and Project Pitch (also listed as the Respondent Pitch) are the first thing your potential research Participants see when they select your project and begin filling out the Screener. Make a great first impression!

Project Details & Questions

Setting up a project is easy -- We've set up a series of questions for you to answer:

Who do you want to talk to?

This is step one in picking your audience -- You can choose if you'd like to speak with Industry Professionals or the General Population.

How will you conduct your research?

We allow you to set up your projects and conduct research in two ways: Remotely or In-Person. Research Participants can choose to view all projects, remote projects only, or in-person projects only. How you decide to conduct your research influences the details you provide while creating your Screener.

  • Remote Projects - A remote project is any project that doesn't require in-person interaction. Conducted via video chat, phone, or as unmoderated studies, you still specify your location, and Respondent will recruit within 250km of that location.

  • In-Person Projects - An in-person study is an interview or focus group that requires an in-person interaction. You specify the location of your research and we recruit people within 100km of that location.

What type of research will you be conducting?

In order to set up your research project successfully, you need to include your methodology. Below is a list of all the research types. For a more thorough look at all the types of research, you can conduct on Respondent, click the blue button below.

Types of Research for Remote and In-Person Projects:

  • One-on-One

  • Focus Groups

Types of Research only for Remote Projects:

  • Unmoderated Study

  • Diary Study

  • Survey (Quantitative)

Types of Research for In-Person Projects only:

  • In the Participant's Home or Workplace

How will you connect with your Participants?

In the Project Details section of your Respondent Pitch, you tell your people applying to your Screener how you will contact them if they are selected to participate.

If you do not have the exact link, you can include a general statement, such as "You will be sent a Zoom link upon being selected," or "information will be sent to you via message in your profile dashboard." Then, you can follow up with the exact link in the formal invitation.

Time Required and Timezone

This section allows you to list the expected time required for each Participant to successfully complete your research project. Be sure to list your timezone, on your scheduling calendar for each project. You can set the timezone on the calendars from the project before and after you publish.

The time required should include all the time necessary, including any pre-interview or post-interview work, and include travel time both to and from your designated meeting place for in-person research interviews.

For unmoderated studies, this is the total amount of time required, listed upfront in the project details. This gives your selected Participants time to message you if they have any questions before starting.


The Incentive payment listed on your research project is the compensation you pay each Participant for their time. The posted incentive amount does not include any additional service fees.

  • The Service Fee (formally called the Recruitment Fee) is what Respondent charges for sourcing, recruiting, and scheduling respondents.

    • The Service Fee for marketplace participants is 50% of the posted incentive price.

  • Participants are paid the advertised incentive amount by the Researcher, less a 5%, or a $1 fulfillment fee, whichever is higher.


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