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Targeting research participants helps us look for 2x the number of people who meet certain criteria.

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Targeting does not qualify or disqualify research Participants. Anyone is able to view and apply to your research project. If want Participants from specific career backgrounds, employment, industries, job titles, or skills to qualify for your research, you can set up your Screener questions after you choose your audience.

Targeting Options: Job Title and Industry

Industry and Job Title

Industry and Job Titles are required for Industry Professional research projects but are optional for the General Population research projects.

The research participants are prompted to list up to five industries and one job title when they are signing up for an account with us.

You can select up to five industries and up to 10 job titles and 25 skills. If you don't have a specific industry, add "All Industries" to your project.

General Population

The General Population is anyone and everyone and the projects that target the General Population are often called consumer studies.

Criteria for Targeting the General Population:

Age, Gender, and Ethnicity

You may choose to filter your target audience across age, gender, and ethnicity, though none of these filters are required.


The incentive does not need to be as high as the same type of study for Industry Professionals. However, if you are low on participation, increasing your incentive will increase the number of responses you receive.


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