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Industry Professionals Vs. General Population
Industry Professionals Vs. General Population

It isn't a contest, so, what's the difference?

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When selecting between industry professionals and general population recruits there are several things to consider.

Industry Professionals

Industry professionals refer to people who have expertise in a specific field or job role.

When selecting Industry professionals:

  • Researchers target specific industries and job titles.

  • Participants are required to have a verified work email.

General Population

The General Population includes all people regardless of job title and industry. When selecting General Population:

  • Researchers can target gender, age, and ethnicity

  • Participants are not required to connect their LinkedIn account to the Respondent platform or have a verified work email.

Unique Cases

If you are seeking professionals who are less likely to have LinkedIn profiles (teachers, construction workers, nurses) you may be better off launching your project in the general population category.

A general population recruit throws the recruitment net much wider, but it does put the onus of responsibility on the Researcher to verify the employment details via an intelligent screener (as employment may not have been verified by LinkedIn).

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