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Can I Share a Calendar Across Projects?
Can I Share a Calendar Across Projects?

I have two projects running, I want to avoid overlap

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Answer: Yes and No.

No: Respondent's Project Calendar

Each Calendar is project-specific, meaning that it's not shared across your other projects. Let's say you have two projects running concurrently, you should set up your Availability to avoid overlap.

  • Project A: Availability on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

  • Project B: Availability on Thursday and Friday

Yes: Use a Connected Calendar

Setting up your availability in this way can be tedious, especially if you're running multiple projects at a time. In this case, the best way to centralize your scheduling and avoid appointment conflicts across projects is to integrate your Google calendar. Integrating your Google calendar will allow Respondent to check for conflicts and add bookings directly to your personal calendar.

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