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Can I Conduct Quantitative Surveys on Respondent?
Can I Conduct Quantitative Surveys on Respondent?
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Beginning June 15th, 2020, the Quantitative Survey methodology will be removed from the “kind of research” options in the Project Details tab. Surveys that remain open at that time may be completed, but new quantitative surveys may not be launched.

As our platform usage increases, the overwhelming majority of Respondent researchers now conduct qualitative interview-based studies. Dedicating our resources to customers’ greatest needs allows us to deliver quality participants faster, offer more support, and continue to build an amazing product.

If your team is looking to recruit participants for an asynchronous task rather than a moderated interview, we recommend that you select "Unmoderated Task" from the "kind of research" options in the project setup. There is a maximum target number of 50 for any type of research conducted on Respondent, as qualitative studies rarely require more than 50 participants. If you do require more participants for a qualitative study, we recommend that you publish multiple projects.

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