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How can I edit my calendar name? How can I change the booking details?

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The Calendar Information sections allow you to personalize your calendar information such as the name of the calendar, color, and Booking details. To get to this view select your project, go to the Calendars tab, then scroll down to Calendar & Booking Details.

  • Name: This is the name you give your calendar. It is not public to participants. They will see the name of the project NOT your Calendar

  • Color: Visual representation of your calendar within Respondent

  • Instructions: These are the instructions included upon invitation (per respondent).
    Instructions are sent only upon booking. You can also customize these instructions when you Invite your respondent.

    • Pro Tip: Updating details will NOT change them to participants that have already been invited or booked with you. Any changes in the details or booking should be communicated with the participant via Messages.

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