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Setting your Calendar's timezone
Setting your Calendar's timezone

What timezone should I use? How can I change my timezone?

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When creating a new calendar or project in the Respondent platform, researchers should select their own timezone (not the participants). Setting up your time zone is critical to ensuring that your participants meet with you at the correct time.
By default, the timezone is set to Eastern Time (the time in New York City), but it can be edited in your Calendar Information.

How to set your Calendar Timezone

  1. Select the project name

  2. Click the Calendars tab

  3. Either create a new calendar or edit an existing one

  4. Select your Timezone in the drop-down menu

  5. Save your calendar

Location is used when setting the timezone to ensure that the correct timezone is selected. We automatically take into account daylight savings time (this is particularly important in the US for Arizona and Hawaii bookings).

Daylight Savings Time

We automatically take daylights savings time into account for specific locations and time of year. Bookings that are affected by daylight savings time (based on location and date), will reflect this. For example, bookings in New York in July will show up as EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). Bookings in New York in January will show up as EST (Eastern Standard Time).

Locations that do not observe daylight savings time will always show up as standard time. For example, booking in Arizona will always be in MST and never in MDT.

What Research Participants See

The timezone affects what you see in your account and bookings, but it will not determine the timezone that the research participant views. The participant will see the times you set up in their corresponding timezone.

For example, if you set up an interval for 9 AM to 12 PM Eastern Time, and someone from Los Angeles, CA signs up, they will see 6 AM to 9 AM Pacific Time by default, with the option to change the timezone.
Here is an example of what participants see when booking with you:

Pro Tip: When a participant books a time with you, you will see their booking under the "Bookings tab in the timezone you set up for the calendar.

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