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Tips on writing a great "Project name" and "Respondent Pitch"
Tips on writing a great "Project name" and "Respondent Pitch"

How do I optimize my project info to draw participants in?

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The "Project name" and "Respondent pitch" are visible to all potential Respondents before they opt-in to participate.

These two sections are important to get right in order to attract qualified candidates to take your screener. The secret to writing a good "Project Name" and "Respondent Pitch" is ensuring your text is:

  1. Descriptive

  2. Catchy

  3. Succinct

What does 'descriptive' mean?

A great Project Name tells the audience in 5 words or less who you are looking for. If it is "Financial Advisers who advise retirees" call the project "Financial Advisers who advise retirees"! Do not use an internal code that no one outside of your organization will understand.

A great Respondent Pitch includes who you are looking for and why you are looking for them. People want to know what the purpose of the research is, and if they have a chance of qualifying for the study before they spend time answering your screener.

What does 'catchy' mean?

Think about the project name and pitch as an advertisement -- Participants love to hear that they will have an impact upon "a product that we hope will be globally disruptive" or a "sneak peek into the latest and greatest software". Amp it up!

What does 'succinct' mean?

There is such a thing as too much information. Keep the description punchy and don't give away what the qualifying responses are!

Examples of successful "Project names" and "Respondent Pitches"

Project Title: Seeking IT Experts for cutting edge product development
Project Description: We are a multi-national IT company that would like to receive feedback from people who work in the IT, DevOps, and Operations spaces. Your feedback will help us develop the next generation of cloud operations software!

Project Title: Chatting to Brides and Grooms to-be!
Project Description: Are you getting married in the next 12 months? Are you considering doing the invitations (Save The Date, RSVPs, etc) online instead of in the mail? We want to talk to you about your plans and designs!

Project Title: Calling all Managers, VPs, and Directors in the Travel & Hospitality Industry!
Project Description: We are a well-established website testing tool to help companies create great user experiences, but we’re considering some new services and features aimed at managers in your role. We’d like to talk with you about your priorities and challenges, to explore whether we’re on the right track.

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