The Calendar allows you to set the dates that you are available for your participants. forms the core of the Respondent platform. Setting up the Calendar correctly is essential to ensuring you have a seamless scheduling experience.

How to Create a New Calendar 🗓

Creating a Calendar is easy! Once your project is published, go to the Calendar tab and select Create Calendar.

Pro Tip: Multiple calendars can be used to manage quotas of different kinds of research participants, e.g. 'Teachers Calendar' can take 5 bookings between Monday to Wednesday, and 'Administrators Calendar' can take 3 bookings on Thursday and Friday. This way you can manage the number of interviews you conduct with different segments.

How to Edit an Existing Calendar

Once you've published your project:

  1. Click on your project name to view the project overview

  2. Click the Calendar tab

  3. Select Edit to make changes

  4. Be sure to click Save when you're finished!

Here, you can connect your Google or Outlook calendar, set your Availability and edit your Calendar & Booking Details.

Having some trouble with the calendar information? View our Help Doc on that here.

Having trouble with setting your availability? See our Help Doc on that here.

How to Preview your Calendar

Once you've set up your Calendar you'll want to double-check that everything is working OK! 👌 There are 2 ways you can preview your Calendar.

If you're in the Calendar > Edit view, you can Preview Time Slots.

If you want to see your Calendar exactly how your Participants will see it, go to the Calendar tab on your project, select the options button to the right of Edit and then click Preview as a respondent.

Pro Tip: Be sure to check the preview button regularly while making changes to your calendar.

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