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Incentive Payment Based on the Type of Project and the Researcher's Time
Incentive Payment Based on the Type of Project and the Researcher's Time

Remote or In-person? The methodology and type of research you're conducting have will influence how much you should pay participants.

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There are two main things to consider regarding setting the right Incentive Payments:

Is your project In-Person or Remote?

In-person projects require travel time for the research participant, or that you invade their private space (in-home or in-office interviews).

For in-home or in-office interviews, many participants will feel the need to tidy up their home or office and will take this into consideration when deciding whether the posted incentive is worth their time.

Also, many people have been working from home, so the kiddos might be homeschooling and there could be a lot of activity. The participant's home might be as loud as Grand Central! Be prepared and be patient.
A good base incentive is $200 for in-home interviews with the General Population lasting 1 hour or less.

What is the Length of the Project?

The length of the project should directly reflect the time it will take to complete the project in full.

For example, a one-hour interview with 30 minutes of pre-interview homework should have an incentive for performing 90 minutes of work. Similarly, in-person research studies should take into account the travel time needed to participate. For example, a one-hour interview in person with 30 minutes of travel time each way should have an incentive for two hours of work.

Additionally, executives, business owners, and medical professionals often have busy schedules and can't take more than 1 hour off for market research. For these individuals, we recommend limiting the session to 60 minutes or less and try to keep these appointments virtual if possible.

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